The Chase Place title

Welcome to my place, make yourself comfortable.

Throw the little square around and read some stuff.


My name is Chase Jenkins, and this is my place. We don't get too many visitors around these parts, so I'm glad you're here.

I am a technology enthusiast. I've been working more with hardware lately, but my roots are related to programming.

The history?

It's a pretty simple story. I was set on becoming some sort of code developer since 2013. I surrounded myself with technology and soaked up whatever knowledge I could find.

After graduating college in 2020, I was set on becoming a web developer. I wanted to make websites that were accessible, pretty to look at, and helpful to my community.

My first job in the world of information technology had me repairing laptops, building and organizing network infrastructure, and managing thousands of user accounts. Exactly what I was doing for my own high school, but with a lot more responsibility. It was a shock when I realized that I really enjoyed doing those sorts of things, especially after dreaming about becoming a coder for the majority of my mature life.

My career dreams took a bit of a turn, and now I'm interested in a different section of the industry.

The goal:

Hire me. If this website isn't enough to tell you that I work hard, I don't know what will. Actually, I would definitely be willing to talk to you about the work that I can do in-person. Maybe take a look at my LinkedIn?

Lets talk!